We are One Nation

we are one nation

I don’t intend to convince anyone to do or follow my liberal ideas but I see and feel that there is always discrimination between black and white, poor and rich , disable and able. Although all are created by God the Almighty and deserve equal rights to live and grow then why human discriminate other human on the basis of such kind of things? Is there is no room for equality? Or this is only happening in Asian or third world countries? Have we forgotten our basic religious teachings? Why some elite class people claim that they give equal opportunities to everyone, which in fact is not true at all.

69 years ago Pakistan came into existence but still we the Pakistanis are living in Stone Age because of fundamentalism and discrimination. In Pakistan people openly express discrimination on the basis of color, creed/sect gender, and economic conditions. Unfortunately the people who claim to be the defender of human rights are the root cause of growing discrimination in the society. We all know that Pakistan is an outcome of the joint efforts of the believers of different religions under the magnificent leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He proclaimed equal rights for all the citizens of Pakistan. I can’t understand that why we live under such miserable circumstances? A Country only progress when people live peacefully in unity with one another. I humbly urge all Pakistanis that don’t show the patriotism only when Team Pakistan plays cricket match against an opponent team but show the patriotism in your daily life and tell the world that we are one nation. 

Now-a-days our prime minister is taking initiative to make Pakistan a digital country is which a good thing for those countries that do not have internal problems like prejudice/discrimination and sectarianism. Of course development is important for every country/state and development in the field of technology is meant to be the key of economic development. But, viewing the current social and political problems of Pakistan, spending money on external decorations like metro bus, orange train, flyovers and underpasses, it is better to first solve the internal issues of the country. The ongoing issues related to minorities and sects are badly damaging the country’s repute. Development of a country is linked with the social uplift of the people. There is no doubt that to set up the clock to rotate in right direction always takes time, it is because good things take time to happen. We should also contribute our efforts to diminish the social hurdles so that our government may succeed in promoting social and religious harmony. The growing number of radical groups and target killings show the fragile characteristic of the state and also explains that government of Pakistan first need to cure the situation at grass root level. There is no doubt that our armed forces are performing their duty with great enthusiasm but our state (government) is wasting time and money on external decorations. It is highly regretful that minorities of Pakistan are suffering from starvation, poverty and discrimination. To develop social and religious harmony is the dire need of the hour because our geographical boundaries are also in danger and to counter this grave situation we have to stay united.

We Are One Nation
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We Are One Nation
I don’t intend to convince anyone to do or follow my liberal ideas but I see and feel that there is always discrimination between black and white, poor and rich , disable and able.
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