Is terrorism a real problem for the world?

After WW2 paramount powers of the world transferred from Great Britain to United States of America (USA). These powers made USA a Hegemonic state and it started to rule the world¡¦s developing countries. After the tragedy of 9/11 most of these developing countries are making their policies according to USA especially to counter the terrorism. These countries are inclusive of Pakistan, Cuba, Somalia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Syria, Afghanistan and Africa. The policies are usually supervised by United State of America. It is a bitter fact that Pakistan is the most affected country of the world that has stricken by terrorism. Pakistan has faced loss of more than fifty thousand precious lives of its soldiers, policemen and citizens as a result of bomb blasts, suicidal attacks and target killings. People of the country are living under constant fear and threats of terror. The terrorists also kidnap people for ransom, plunder antiquities, carry out attacks on educational / national institutions, holy places, markets and other public places. 

The terrorist claim to be at war with west for the sake of Islam, but they are killing Muslims in Pakistan and other parts of the world as well. It is worth mentioning here that one of the core issues of the UN¡¦s 65th general assembly in 2015 was ¡§Terrorism¡¨. In fact the 9/11 terrorists¡¦ attacks in USA were declaration of war between terrorists and rest of the world and it endorses the Bush Doctrine. It is doubtless that it is another Guerilla War, the enemies are known but not visible and they are beyond the land, sea or air territories. The globalization has also become a channel to promote terrorism. Many terrorist groups including ISIS and Al-Qaeda are negative outcome of globalization. During couple of decades these terrorist groups have created fear and sense of insecurity around the world. Their shadows have covered the press and electronic media with full strength. Their motive is one but they are operating with different names.

The unity of the terrorist groups is a contant threat and challenge for the entire world, therefore the world must think and plan to combat these groups for the elimination of terrorism and restoration of peace. 

Let¡¦s suppose that one day the world somehow overcomes terrorism, would it really become peaceful in the presence of conflicts spread over the different regions of the world? Some of the burning issues of the world are:

  1. Capitalism and communism between US and Russian
  2. Pakistan and India conflict over disputed Kashmir
  3. Israel- Palestine Conflict over the disputed land
  4. Kurdish and Turkish conflict
  5. Civil war in Syria
  6. Civil war in Central African Republic
  7. Saudi ¡V Yemen conflict
  8. Conflict between Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)

Would our future generations be secured from fear, threats and violence under these circumstances? The answer would probably be NO, because it is not only the terrorism but many other facts which have hacked peace from the world. Therefore the world leaders must come together to address these issues. The charter of UNO must be followed for the restoration of peace. Joint efforts must be carried out to curb terrorism, extremism, fundamentalism, human rights violations, religious and sectarian discrimination, poverty alleviation, illiteracy and hatred. – See more at:

Is terrorism a real problem for the world?
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Is terrorism a real problem for the world?
After the tragedy of 9/11 most of these developing countries are making their policies according to USA especially to counter the terrorism.
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