Heading sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Then listen to this, we ourselves paid him to do so (stabbing)!!

Well a painful story can be eulogized very easily; I’ve learnt it through my journey of 19 long years! (Maybe not that long perhaps!). Well my dad was diagnosed with Cholangio carcinoma (guessed it right, cancer), last year August, for which he had to go for ‘stents’. Shocked over cancer, and its immutability, struck by agony, somehow we decided to go plastic stents.

Here’s where the real story begins. The doc took him to the theatre, parsimonious enough that he didn’t hire an anesthetist. He ended up giving less anesthesia and went ahead with operation. I can’t even imagine how in the world he went ahead with the operation! Even though my dad had been screaming!  Post operation, I spoke to my dad, with a boulder on my heart “how do you feel now dada”? He replied with tears in his eyes, “He stabbed me nana”. My uncle and I couldn’t control our ears thinking o f the pain he had gone through.

The process of torture didn’t end there. The stents hadn’t been placed correctly. And because of that his bilirubin would leak out. Nobody knows how our bile juice smells as much as we do. He had to struggle with the smell and soggy clothes because of the leakage, added to t hat was his diminishing strength due to the tumor. We went to various other hospitals to try an alternative which would give him some relief. Doctors there exclaimed that they’ve never seen such a case before. And whenever they’d try to adjust the stents, they’d pierce it in; giving him much more pain.

My darling daddy suffered so much, yet he chose to forgive.  According to the bible I must have murdered him (doctor) several times in my heart, but I too need grace to forgive and le go. God allows some things in our lives. All that we have to do is accept change and learn to let go. Thanks dad for being a person of long suffering and great example to look up to.

To us, one doctor’s blunder had so many physical and emotional implications, but for him it’s just another “case”. Calculated error, forced mistake or calloused approach?

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