Help Yourself Recover from Abuse

Recover From Abuse

One does not necessarily have to be physically beaten to be abused. Unfortunately, abuse has many forms, it can be physical but it can also be emotional. It is very important to realize that both are serious, dangerous, and can affect the abused person negatively. Additionally, most people have suffered from an abusive relationship in one form or another. It can be from a lover, a parent, a teacher or even a classmate. For such reasons, one must know how to deal or recover after having gone through such a horrible situation.

Here are some tips that can be of benefit:

  • Forgive yourself

It is crucial that you forgive yourself in order to move on. Know that it is not your fault. Know that you were the victim not because you were too naïve but because the abuser has issues that he/she needs to fix.

How you talk to yourself and the language you use with yourself are very important. Be gentle. Be compassionate and be loving toward yourself. Pat yourself on the back, and tell yourself that it will all be okay in the future, and never be too hard on yourself. You should remember that recovery does not happen in one night. It takes time so give that to yourself.


  • Surround yourself with good, supporting people

You do not have to go through this alone. You do not have to feel ashamed about what happened because as we have already established it was not your fault. Tell someone about your story. And if you do not want to hear people tell you what to do or what they would have done if they were in your place, ask them to listen only.

Having people who encourage you and empower you throughout your healing process is very important and could be of great help.


  • Talk to a professional

Seeking professional advice is extremely beneficial. Talking to a therapist can ease your pain. Remember that you do not have to hurry, try it out and if you feel like you are still not prepared then take some time and come back later. But it is good to know that a professional will give you specialized advice for your particular case, as no two cases are alike.


  • Find a creative outlet

People who have struggled often turn their struggles into art. You can paint, play music, sing, or write. It does not have to be perfect and it is not meant to be. It is only meant to make you feel better and release some of your pain. And if you do not want to show your work to anyone, don’t. It is for you only.


  • Help others

Use your experience to help others through theirs. It will not only help them but it will also help you. By meeting other people who have gone through similar situations, you will gain a new perspective about what happened to you. You might discover something about yourself that you did not know before. You gain a clearer vision and this will aid you in your healing process. In addition to gaining a sense of self-worthiness for helping others.


And lastly, do what you need to do to feel good again. It is okay to put yourself first before anything sometimes. And remember, whoever you are and whatever it is that you have gone through, you are worth it and you will have a brighter future.



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