Finances In The Way Of Success In School System

Passing your grades with distinctions but not being able to graduate or apply for a job is what most of the youth of South Africa is facing at the moment. Who do you blame for not covering your fees when you were enrolled in a private institution and when will NSFAS cover private institutions too.

The youth of South Africa is being failed, but by who. You go to school study hard and then not get your results because your fees are outstanding, the very same institution that expect you to pay for your fees deny you with your results. How is one supposed to apply for a job without a completion letter or results? Nobody wants to hire someone who they don’t even know really completed their studies; you have your qualification but nothing to show to your employer to convince them to hire you.

Sometimes no matter how good you were at school you will never see graduation day or get a job because you do not have any qualification to show to your employer. How long are finances going to stand in the way of employment? The worst part is that they don’t even give you an opportunity to prove that you can do the job they do not hire you if you do not have a letter to show that you completed your studies.

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