Dealing with Peer pressure

Dealing With Peer Pressure

A pale blue dot covered with lots of water and living creatures , yes that’s are planet, our home.  But  what makes us , the human beings different from the other living creatures? Let’s say its because of the fact that we are social beings. The fact of fitting in and being  a part of people around  can be called as mandatory for a man. Its important to have people around you through our life. Its an inhibited feature of human to imitate , impress, support , join , separate others. That’s where all our lives revolve .From an early age itself a man begins to imitate the one around him , he learns from them, and so he grows. So being a part of peer is vital for human lives

Talking about peer groups , a human being come across both good peer as well as bad peer. A good peer can be a platform where  lot of learning can happen. For example a peer can influence one to develop new skills, help to solve which one cannot alone deal with. Its always good to have good peer around us it helps in making us numerous memories ,good company is always a gift.

But peers can also have a negative impact on one . Where one is compelled to do something  with not his willingness. It includes bullying , compelling  to smoke , drink and even more worse.

Why is the peer pressure influence too powerful? Its  the thirst of a person to be loved and the fear of not being accepted .That’s  why its easier to get influenced [like to get frighten, conscious]to do things you wouldn’t normally do if you are in a crowd. Once Bruce Lee said “I’m not in this world to live up to your  expectations and you’re  in this world to live up to mine”.

Once when each individual accepts this truth ,it will by itself leads to the feeling of self content which is the main key towards confidence. Each one should take time apart to admire oneself, think about the hurricanes you’ve passed to reach till today. Moreover fill your self with powerful  happy memories from your cared ones. So that no ignorance can hurt you, So that you could say a no when needed and enough will be enough.

Dealing with Peer pressure
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Dealing with Peer pressure
The fact of fitting in and being a part of people around can be called as mandatory for a man. Click here to learn more now.
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