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4 Important Job Skills

4 Important Job Skills You Should Know

There are plenty of job skills that one should acquire to assist on building relationships, gaining visibility, and creating more opportunities for growth within a company. You could be a master at what you do, but if you don’t gain certain skills then you’re limiting your chances of career success. some important job skills include: […]

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Personal Finance

Personal Finance – Secure Your Future With Assets

The biggest problem we experience in this world is how to manage our personal finances. Most of the salary earners or teenagers who receive pocket money don’t know how to use money effectively; thus, they are unable to change their economic status. In fact, almost half of all American households and two out of three […]

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Finances In The Way Of Success In School System

Passing your grades with distinctions but not being able to graduate or apply for a job is what most of the youth of South Africa is facing at the moment. Who do you blame for not covering your fees when you were enrolled in a private institution and when will NSFAS cover private institutions too. […]

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Making Something From Nothing

6 Tips On Making Something From Nothing

Being on a tight budget makes it challenging to feed your family healthy and nutritious foods. This is especially true in months when an unexpected bill comes in and takes away most of your food budget. During times like these, it may seem like a good idea to grab some fast food from a .99¢ […]

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A Piece Of The Pie

At a very young age, it was obvious to me that I was different from other children. Girls came to school in pretty dresses with ribbons in their hair. I came to school in the same two outfits my mom made for me on the sewing machine. My looks made me feel uncomfortable because I […]

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graduate college no debt

7 hacks to graduate college with no debt

Looking for the financial aid to fulfill college expenses is becoming a norm for the majority of students. You don’t just have to pay your college fee, you also have to look for the ways to fulfill the needs that go hand in hand with the college education. You have to admit it that it […]

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7 ways to teach your children how to invest

7 Ways To Teach Your Children How To Invest

Most parents keep taking responsibility for the expenses of their children. Moreover, we often rely too much on government welfare plans like the 401K. It is important to understand they hardly save anything sufficient with such programs. We already know that inflation is on the rise. It is not a surprise to realise that the […]

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