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4 Important Job Skills

4 Important Job Skills You Should Know

There are plenty of job skills that one should acquire to assist on building relationships, gaining visibility, and creating more opportunities for growth within a company. You could be a master at what you do, but if you don’t gain certain skills then you’re limiting your chances of career success. some important job skills include: […]

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How To Jumpstart Your Career in Tech in One Year

After graduating high school, I wasn’t able to attend a university. I didn’t have the financial stability to do so. So instead I worked part-time and took classes at a community college. I hoped to transfer after two years. That didn’t happen. My family needed me to help out so I wasn’t always able to […]

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Job Skills

16 Job Skills Needed To Advance In Corporate America

As the saying goes, getting a job to do is just but the beginning. Years before people would stick to their jobs because of various factors including inheritance etc. Currently the new generation hardly spends time in a job before moving on. Again there are mitigating factors including boredom, repetitiveness and new and better opportunities. […]

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