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How To Jumpstart Your Career in Tech in One Year

After graduating high school, I wasn’t able to attend a university. I didn’t have the financial stability to do so. So instead I worked part-time and took classes at a community college. I hoped to transfer after two years. That didn’t happen. My family needed me to help out so I wasn’t always able to […]

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Problems In Education System And Measures Required For Improvement

We have seen successive governments promising to reform education system, but unfortunately no sincere effort has been made so for, contrarily successive government has worsened the situation by unnecessary political interference in education system. Local district level education department administration runs on the mercy of local MLAs and politician who have created groups in education […]

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Finances In The Way Of Success In School System

Passing your grades with distinctions but not being able to graduate or apply for a job is what most of the youth of South Africa is facing at the moment. Who do you blame for not covering your fees when you were enrolled in a private institution and when will NSFAS cover private institutions too. […]

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State Of Emergency

Cleveland Public Schools State of Emergency

2016 was the deadliest year Cleveland has seen in a decade, according to the Plain Dealer. ┬áPolice reported 120 homicides with 101 attributed to gun violence. These number include some of the youngest victims of gun violence Cleveland has ever seen. However it does not include the 4 law enforcement killings or killings ruled as […]

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