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For Chicago native, Kat Hibbard, life has not been easy. In fact, her unusual birth would be a catalyst for the rocky years ahead, growing up in the crossfire of violence for much of her childhood. When her mother intercepted a stray gunshot fired by her manic depressive, alcoholic father in 1964, her birth was artificially induced, bringing the infant Kat into a family riddled with alcoholism, domestic abuse and neglect.

Running With Wolves

Running With The Wolves As A Child

For the first time in my life and at age 52, I am fortunate enough to own a pet. Her name is Keiki and she is a very sweet Dalmatian. Recently, I was sick with the flu and was bed-ridden for a couple of days. Keiki stayed by my side the entire time. Even when […]

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Making Something From Nothing

6 Tips On Making Something From Nothing

Being on a tight budget makes it challenging to feed your family healthy and nutritious foods. This is especially true in months when an unexpected bill comes in and takes away most of your food budget. During times like these, it may seem like a good idea to grab some fast food from a .99ยข […]

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A Piece Of The Pie

At a very young age, it was obvious to me that I was different from other children. Girls came to school in pretty dresses with ribbons in their hair. I came to school in the same two outfits my mom made for me on the sewing machine. My looks made me feel uncomfortable because I […]

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