5ways to recover from abuse

‘’Abuse’’ means an act of cruelty or violence . Whether it is a public place , home or a working place ‘ Abuse’ should be intolerable in a civilized society but still there are instances where people face different forms of abuse whether it is a sexual ,emotional or even a physical the thing is just don’t tolerate it!

Now that is the case before or during  an abuse but what when you faced it ?

What goes through the mind of an abused person ? If we just imagine maybe we cannot tell exactly how that person feels as different people have different parameters but we can get a glimpse that person may look normal in front of others but that s not the case as deep down he is hurt, sad and demoralized.

The problem for victims of an Abuse is that in this fast moving Internet based world nobody has really got time to listen or see that you are abused! Also people hide this because of shyness , to fake perfect or lack of confidence .

To help the people recover from ‘Abuse’ here are the top tips:-

1.  NEVER GIVE UP – That’s your biggest skill

No matter what problem you are facing or how victimized you have been of an abuse if you don’t give up on yourself you have the chance to stand up and fight back  and it s the basis of the recovery process.

2. Don’t live in denial

Do not live in denial and make excuses for them if they are emotionally abusive. Accept that you have been abused and that the abuse may have had a detrimental effect on your mental and emotional state. Acceptance is part of the solution. Once you have accepted the problem, put in place a strategy that will help you recover and gain control of the situation.

3. Simply cut them off

If the person is so abusive and you have really had enough, then you need to sever the relationship with such finality that there will be no room for discussions. This will be a hard decision but if you are leaving, you have obviously weighed your options and decided that leaving will be better than staying.

4. Find new healthy relationships

If you have come out of a difficult emotional relationship, seek support networks amongst your family members, friends, colleagues or even the community. These will be able to provide you with great comfort and will quicken the healing process.

5. Do not dwell on the past

Life is too short to live in the past. Look to the future and all the new possibilities for comfort and happiness that are waiting for you

In the end follow the step by step recovery process and be a victor rather than a victim of  ‘ABUSE’  and pledge not to be a victim or not to let others be a victim of Abuse because letting abuse happen is also a kind of abuse .

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Whether it is a public place , home or a working place ‘ Abuse’ should be intolerable in a civilized society.
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