Monthly Archives: April 2017

Job Skills

16 Job Skills Needed To Advance In Corporate America

As the saying goes, getting a job to do is just but the beginning. Years before people would stick to their jobs because of various factors including inheritance etc. Currently the new generation hardly spends time in a job before moving on. Again there are mitigating factors including boredom, repetitiveness and new and better opportunities. […]

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Personal Finance

Personal Finance – Secure Your Future With Assets

The biggest problem we experience in this world is how to manage our personal finances. Most of the salary earners or teenagers who receive pocket money don’t know how to use money effectively; thus, they are unable to change their economic status. In fact, almost half of all American households and two out of three […]

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Mental Health Maintenance During A Crisis

Earlier in this month of March 2017, my mother was rushed in the hospital after she fell down late at night. She was initially diagnosed with Severe Anemia which then later led to her operation after long years of sufferings from rectal and uterus prolapsed. She had her two (2) major successful operations – Rectopexy […]

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