16 Job Skills Needed To Advance In Corporate America

Job Skills

As the saying goes, getting a job to do is just but the beginning. Years before people would stick to their jobs because of various factors including inheritance etc. Currently the new generation hardly spends time in a job before moving on. Again there are mitigating factors including boredom, repetitiveness and new and better opportunities.  However the fundamental requirement of a job and consequently the prolonged stay in a job is that one has the right skills to perform. In most cases if you have the right skills you will enjoy your job.

Job skills can be acquired or learned, cultivated and developed over time. The most fundamental job skills in any particular situation are:-

  • Professionalism
  • Use of equipment
  • Team work
  • Financial skills
  • Management skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Loyalty
  • Dependability
  • Willingness to learn
  • Right /Positive attitude
  • Problem solving Skills
  • Integrity
  • Self confidence
  • Planning Skills
  • Listening/Observation skills

These are in no way exhaustive and are in no particular order of importance but are fundamental in the performance of any task be it in a public entity or a private one. Some of the skills will require attending some form of training. Others will be acquired through on the job training while others will develop as one interacts with peers and senior people or more knowledgeable people around.

It’s important that one has good listening and observation skills when seeking to keep abreast of job skills. Attention to detail would enhance ones skills and enable one acquire them much faster. Due to the nature of some jobs skills do change much faster than anticipated and it’s prudent for one to keep abreast of such quick changes and adapt accordingly. Failure to do so can be catastrophic like the case of Kodak and the digital cameras.

To some extent most people have these job skills in one form or the other.  Those not having adequate skills in some areas or the other can improve their skills through training, professional development, or obtaining coaching/mentoring from people with better knowledge in these areas. What is important to understand is that once you acquire the skills they are a permanent part of you and will come in handy when talking to employers, writing a CV or during interviews. They also assist you in completing any task assigned to you by self or other people.

When seeking for employment it’s important that candidates articulate their skills levels and how they can use them for the advancement of the organizations. Employers seek to see the connection between what skills are stated in a resume and how a candidate proposes to use them to assist the organization. If there is a match and this is what the organization is gunning for then one is likely to land the job.

When one has landed a job one must demonstrate that what is stated on a CV is not just a write up but the reality by performing according to what skills one has stated. In other words the skills stated must be demonstrated in one’s daily chores. The performance appraisal of an individual will more or less be based on the standards you set yourself to match those of the organization.

16 Job Skills Needed To Advance In Corporate America
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16 Job Skills Needed To Advance In Corporate America
The Job skills Needed To Survive today are different from the past. The new generation hardly spends time in a job before moving on. Learn More Now!
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